Gather 'Round The Table Business Breakfast

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 29 August 2017 - 7:00am
End Date: 
Tuesday, 29 August 2017 - 9:00am
AIS Arena
Alzheimer's Australia ACT

Alzheimer's Australia ACT Business Breakfast

"Gather 'Round The Table"

Special guests Maggie Beer and Ngaire Hobbins with Adam Shirley

7am- 9am, Australian Institute of Sport Arena, 29 August 2017.

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The Business Breakfast is our flagship event for Dementia Awareness Month, which is held in the month of September. The business breakfast is one of our biggest annual fundraising and awareness raising events, sparking conversation and awareness across the ACT community.

“Gather ‘Round the Table” is bringing Canberran’s together to talk about the importance of food and nutrition and the vital role they play in sustaining every facet of our lives throughout every stage of our lives. Eating good food with company sustains us in many ways – it stimulates new ideas, sparks conversation, solves problems, builds new friendships and partnerships and shares our dreams. Eating foods that are full of colour, locally sourced and in season not only nourishes us, but it can also help to reduce our risk of chronic diseases such as dementia.

In light of this theme, we could not think of more perfect speakers than Maggie Beer and Ngaire Hobbins - two women who are passionate about food and nutrition. Join us for an enlightening and heartening conversation with Australian living treasure and food icon Maggie Beer and passionate specialist dietician Ngaire Hobbins to hear their thoughts on diet, dementia, food, family, friends and ageing. The breakfast will bring for this powerful and unique experience that brings together local ACT business leaders, politicians, people living with dementia and their families and carers, health practitioners and the broader community - highlighting that together, we all need to be part of this important conversation.

Maggie BeerMaggie Beer

Maggie Beer is not just an Australian food icon, she’s an essential ingredient in any discussion about food and flavour. In 1973, she and her husband Colin, her partner in life and business, settled in the Barossa Valley. Their intention was to simply breed game birds but that farm and vineyard led to a legendary restaurant, which is now part of Australian food history. By 1996 the Beers had opened their Export Kitchen in Tanunda and an exciting and popular food brand was born. Today, Maggie’s career spans farming, food production, television presenting and food writing. Maggie’s appearance on the hit ABC Programme, The Cook and The Chef fused her place as one of Australia’s most known and loved food personalities.

In April 2014, Maggie Beer established her own foundation; Maggie Beer Foundation, to create an appetite for life, regardless of age or health restrictions. The wellbeing and nutritional welfare of those in aged care homes has been an ongoing concern of Maggie’s for a long time and she is so happy to finally have found the time and people to support her passion. In fellowship with her board of industry leaders, professors and health advisors, Maggie has made it her personal mission to link the latest research of nutrition’s impact on brain health and general wellbeing, with her innate knowledge of what good food can do for everyone’s state of mind; a truly nourishing mix, so much greater than the sum of its parts. Maggie’s hope to ‘create an appetite for life’ leads her to work on many levels, with the hope of encouraging everyone (young, old and in between!) to enjoy quality, seasonal cooking every day.

Ngaire HobbinsNgaire Hobbins

Ngaire Hobbins is a dietitian specialising in ageing and brain health and loves nothing more than getting to share a stage with the wonderful Maggie Beer. The more passionate people working to raise awareness around the vital, enriching value of good food in later life, the better. Ngaire is a clinical practitioner, an informative and engaging speaker and author, skilled in presenting complex science in everyday language. Ngaire is passionate about helping people in their senior years enjoy vital, independent lives and understand how the demands of ageing necessitate unique advice on eating. Ngaire’s books Eat To Cheat AgeingEat To Cheat Dementia and due for release August 1st, Better Brain Food: Eat To Cheat Dementia and Cognitive Decline have provided her the opportunity to speak widely – offering sensible, practical advice and guidance to help people live well in later age, reduce their risk of developing dementia, and for those already living with a diagnosis, guidance to support their quality of life and nutrition needs in the years ahead.

Too often, the vital importance of food in maintaining quality of life as well as physical and mental capacity is overlooked in the care of people living with a dementia diagnosis. Weight loss and malnutrition are common in dementia and impact physical as well as mental health. Eating to support body and brain whether living with dementia or not, is absolutely vital to maximising independence and quality of life.

Ngaire is an engaging and informative presenter, driven to promote eating that brings joy as well as sustenance.

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