Great Expectations: Inspiring Hope Through Research

Great Expectations: Inspiring Hope through Research

The Alzheimer’s Australia ACT Research Forum - Great Expectations: Inspiring Hope through Research took place on Monday 27 February. Registrations for the day were at room capacity of 380 people attending. This event was sponsored by ACT Health, ANU and the Tall Foundation in addition to the Heart Foundation. The event was very successful with feedback from the day being very positive.

The program included 13 speakers in addition to the Minister for Health present on the day. Meegan Fitzharris spoke in support of Alzheimer’s Australia ACT which set the scene for the rest of the day. It was a pleasure to have Glenn Keys (Executive Director of Aspen Medical) talk about his personal links to dementia and the need for research. The day then progressed onto a very moving lived experience before the research results were presented.

Professor Brodaty from the University of NSW gave an overview of dementia, risk factors and current research as an overview. This was followed by a range of speakers leading up to lunch that detailed risk reduction. Topics were diverse and included social engagement, physical activity and nutrition. The session was concluded with a session on vascular dementia and the ageing brain.

Following lunch and a performance by the Alchemy Chorus, our very own dementia specific choir, there was a session on timely diagnosis and early intervention. This very well received session included presentations on social cognition and the ever pressing topic of genetic testing and predicting the occurrence of dementia.

The afternoon concluded with a presentation on the controversial topic of driving with dementia. This generated some involved conversations in the afternoon tea break which followed.

The day was concluded by transforming research into practice in New Zealand with the Whare Aroha Care Village. This model transformed models of residential care for people living with dementia. This was followed by a panel session that enabled the audience to ask questions and interact with the speakers. This session answered all of the questions that people in the audience had been gathering during the day.

The Research Forum - Great Expectations: Inspiring Hope through Research was a very ambitious event that brought together established and emerging research leaders to share their knowledge and expertise.

It has set a very high bar for next year’s research forum. Please look out for this event early next year.

Speaker presentations may be found here: